Recycling: Our new business line

Recycled aggregates in concrete for precast

Concrete is one of the most important civil construction materials. Its value as a sustainable material is determined by its hard-stability, low maintenance and easy recycling.

Construction industry is the largest consumer of natural resources worldwide, including the consumption of aggregates used in the preparation of concrete for various purposes. The generation of waste and debris offers a high level of gravity.

Construction wastes are among the highest anywhere in the world. From 15 years to now,  there are been promoted actions forrecycling.

Prefabrication of concrete generates huge volumes of waste and debris. In most cases we don´t know what to do with them, which generates environ- mental problems.

High consumption of raw materials, economic interests and problems resulting from the severe impacts caused by the accumulation of debris, forces the search of alternative uses in this field.

Recognize wing recycling as a help of business of this type survival is the first step to have perfect control over the generation, storage and treatment of waste.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are our business. Both if we have a small or a large company, or if it is included in pro- duction or services.

The pillars for the sustainability of recycled aggregates, among others are the availability of recycled aggregates over short distances, the low generation of environmental impact of recycled aggregate. Their physical, mechanical and eco- nomic qualities should be comparable to natural aggregate.

Quality of concrete of origin influences in the quality of the recycled aggregate. Recycled aggre- gates are better obtained from high-quality concrete. Is why a manufacturer of pretressed elements can maintain a very high level of quality recycledaggregates.

Concrete precast pieces of single factory are not contaminated by agents linked to pathologies of construction, prefabricated. Pieces of debris which are in them, are usually thrown due to measu- rement errors or defects form, even tips leftover tracks items such as plates or straps alveolar tubulars.

Tests conducted in the parameterization of  recycled aggregates have excellent behavior, leaving only the absorption and resistance to frost with higher values than those required compared  to natural aggregate values, noting the impact of  the quality of concrete of origin over the quality of recycledaggregate.

All industry linked to the construction is required to recycle the waste it generates. A factory of pretressed elements generates more than two tons per day of waste. Such manufacturer will produce 500 tons peryear.

The collection of discarded pieces, maintaining its original sizes, requires us to use heavy machinery to process primary clearing work that, besides being very laborious, hinder us the work of daily production, since it is necessary to go moving them until the point ofrecycling.

The aggregate recycling system with fixed equipment TECNOSPAN, ensures a clean work, fast and without the crowds of stock of useless materials which are accumulated in the backyards of factories work, thus providing the companies with moreworkspace.

The technical team of TECNOSPAN adequates the production equipment to each manufacturer, according to their needs, making the production of recycled aggregates a pleasant and very profitable work, due to with a minimum dedication time solution generation problems residues are solved.