A cost-effective choice for its high productive performance, the simplicity of its functioning, the low energy consumption and its financial expenses. Offering specific solutions to the different needs of manufacturers with an adjusted investment.



TECNOSPAN casting machines are a profitable choice because they offer a highly productive performance (up to 3m. / minute), easy operation (a single operator), low energy consumption and an economic maintenance costs.

The range of P25, P30, P40 and P50 models enables the manufacture of elements with a profile height of up to 250, 300, 400 and 500 mm. respectively, offering specific solutions for  the different needs of manufacturers, with a low investment cost.

TECNOSPAN profilers can be used to produce different types of products in the same day, by simply changing the profiling mould in a matter of minutes.

Finished Product

TECNOSPAN profilers work with semi dry concrete (Abrams cone of 0 to 1 cm) so as to obtain a uniform compaction which guarantees greater resistances than those required by normaitves.

Its powerful vibration system allows an integral adhesion of the concrete to the wires, without cracks or fissures, with an excellent quality finishing.

Standard machines can produce Beams; Tubular belts; Posts and Lintels; Solid slab and floor slabs, Panel Pi and Hollow Core Slabs of 0.60, 1.20, 1.50 and 2.40 meters wide; and any prestressing element with constant profile.

The standard offer of TECNOSPAN profilers covers the needs for manufacturing any element with constant profile prestressed up to 500 mm with different models P20, 25, P30, P40 and P50.

TECNOSPAN technology also provides its customers a specific Profiling machines in order to manufacture specialized products as dallas covers or as thermal forged molds working on expanded polystyrene products.

Finished Product