PRODUCT MANUFACTURING Machine Inserting Stirrups

A cost-effective choice for its high productive performance, the simplicity of its functioning, the low energy consumption and its financial expenses. Offering specific solutions to the different needs of manufacturers with an adjusted investment.

Machine Inserting Stirrups


This machine is developed to provide a mechanical solution to the manual and artisan process  when manufacturers must adapt to prestressed para-seismic beams, in compliance with the rules of the countries in geographical areas with seismic risk.

Its allows to insert the stirrups at the top of the prestressed beams for use in seismic areas.
This application works simultaneously behind the profiler machine, on the product newly manufactured by inserting automatically stirrups at the top of the beams, fulfilling European standards, especially with regard to the earthquake with the French standard CPT Planchers and with the provisions of the RPS 2000 (seismic Building Regulations for the Kingdom of Morocco).
The machine adapts to each profile beam by a system of interchangeable molds that ensure a correct positioning of the stirrups according to regulations, without causing deformation and breakage as those that occur when this process is done manually.


Finished Product