HANDLING Cutting machine

A cost-effective choice for its high productive performance, the simplicity of its operation, the low energy consumption and its financial expenses. Offering specific solutions to the different needs of manufacturers with an adjusted investment

Cutting machine


TECNOSPAN range of products for cutting includes numerous cutter models which cover the needs of any manufacturer.

From the simplest cutter model in fresh, which is manually operated in order to split longitudinally along the hollow core slabs in a cool, until the new series C50U fully automated with cutting capacity up to 500mm in any angle, they are designed to work hard at low cost maintenance, easy handling and complete safety for workers.
TECNOSPAN cutting machine moves along the rails of the beds production making cuts at right or transverse, longitudinal and angled with diamond wheels with different diameters as needed in cutting height 30, 40 or 50 cm, and include deposit pump water for cooling the disk.
Optionally the machine can be supplied with electric cable winder and water hose.
Regarding its functioning, you can choose the following operation: manual or semiautomatic, with automatic cutting cycle and positioning manual control of the operator. Many models have other optional automation possibilities, even for completely cutting program the entire bed with aerial laser measurement.



Finished Product