Know How and Services

TECNOSPAN technology substances in the continuous manufacture with constant profile, prestressed elements by vibro-compaction and profiling fresh concrete on steel cables and braids tensioned in production beds.

TECNOSPAN is a complete system production that, unlike other technologies, solves efficiently and easily nearly every need in the manufacture of prestressed concrete products for residential, industrial, commercial, school, sports and other infrastructure construction.

If you have already a facility for the production of hollow core slabs of any global supplier, and need to satisfy the demand of other elements prestressed in concrete such as beams, piles, posts, tubular, floor slabs, etc you can incorporate the TECNOSPAN teams at your current lines without any extra cost.

After delivery and start up the complete production lines, or simply the isolated equipment to operate in your installation of the one of another supplier, TECNOSPAN offers all its technological expertise in production processes through the aftermarket technical team.

TECNOSPAN collaborates with academic institutions and is member of professional associations from different countries, participating actively in the research and development of new technologies.

No other manufacturer powers in this way its know-how, due to our interest is not only to be an expert manufacturer, supplier of optimized technology, but to be a reliable partner, capable of providing effective solutions helping you in growing your business and consequently in the success of your company.

Contact us and test us. We will be happy to accommodate your needs.